E. Bradley's

Innovative Design for the Demand of Modern Living

Reflections on Drafting



As I ponder this Drafting final project, which is my favorite, I reflect back on all of the hard work I put into it.

This assignment required creativity and patience.

Patience for neat, detailed, meticulous work.

Work that had to be right, not "good enough" or "close" but right.


No excuses.

There were late nights. Discussions of what should be. Discussions of what could be.

And, wrapped up in there, is a tiny piece of me.

See, no matter how late the night, no matter how long the discussions of making the spaces fit EXACTLY what we would want and need, I loved it.

I loved every moment of it.

This project gave me a taste of what it takes to be an Interior Designer. To be able to listen to what someone wants and mesh that into a creative, beautiful and FUNCTIONAL space.

I realized that I want this.

I want this more than I have ever wanted anything in my life.

I have never loved working so hard, investing so much of myself and pushing myself as far as I can go - then asking for more.

I realized that I am so invested in doing this and doing it well, it has turned into the breath for my soul.