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Reflections on Color

Color Wheel

Color Wheel

As an extra credit assignment, I need to pull a project I completed and write about it and what I learned from it.

I have chosen my very first assignment in this class, which was to create a color wheel. I had to mix the various paints and color match them to form a color wheel in a creative manner.

This is one of the very few assignments I completed this semester where I did not receive a perfect score. You must be wondering why I chose this as my favorite in the class. Seems a bit strange, eh?

The reason I chose this is because it was my first chance to be creative.

See, after leaving the "corporate world" and taking my life and turning it upside down, I wasn't sure if I really could be an Interior Designer. Sure, I'd played around here and there with it, but never seriously and NEVER as a career. It was a huge leap of faith and I was plagued with self-doubt.

Am I creative enough?

Do I have enough talent?

Can I bring something unique to the table?

This assignment was my first real chance to stretch my wings, push myself off the edge and see if I could fly. I didn't want to do the normal and really thought long and hard on how I could do this. How I could do it well and, most importantly, do it with creativity and "outside the box." 

Thinking of the color wheel and brainstorming, the light bulb clicked "on."

Wait, I have a light bulb?!? I was shocked. I had hoped and dreamed of being creative, but wasn't sure if I was.

Well, guess what!

I am! All of that brainstorming led me to a Ferris Wheel and this completed project.

At the end of the day, the score doesn't matter to me at all. I gained more from this assignment than a score.

I gained confidence in what I was doing. I gained the knowledge that I truly was creative.

Most of all, I learned that it was "ok" to follow my heart and dreams.

Sometimes, life doesn't go the way you plan. It doesn't fit into a neat box or Visio diagram. You can't PowerPoint it out with bullets and tidy points.

Sometimes, life takes you to a totally different place than you ever thought. This assignment showed me that it is all about the journey, not the destination....

...and sometimes, the detours are greater and more beautiful than you ever could imagine!